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Paid advertisement

Using Adblabla launch, you can reach on the 1900+ blogs and websites on our adnetwork

Content Marketing

With our content marketing widget, we can serve your articles as part of our "Trending Gists from the Internet" on all the eligible blogs on our free adnetwork.

When coupled with a sponsored post, this online advertisement extends your adverts from the sites you choose to all eligible sites on our free adnetwork.

Banner Advertisements

Leveraging on our free adnetwork, we offer free banner advertisement when you pay for our sponsored post or content marketing feature.

Interested in just the banner adverts without doing trade by barter, we can offer the services to you at heavily discounted rates.

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About Product

Free Online Advertisement

Adblabla is the only Free Advertising Network in Nigeria and Africa that uses trade by barter.

Free Advertising Network

The Adblabla free adnetwork was built to provide free online advertisement to blogs and websites in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

The Principle

If you allow us to place banner advertisement or content from our users on your website or blog, we will place your adverts or promote your blog posts on someone else's website or blog for free.

We Make It Fair

Our credit generation and credit spending system keeps it fair amongst all member of the advertising network.

How it Works

Three Simple Steps

Our Free Advertising Network Operate the trade by barter System

Accept Free Adverts on Your Website

Place our widget on your site to display adverts from network members

Earn Credits from your blog traffic or website traffic

Each time our ads are shown on your site, you earn some credit.

Start your online advertisement in Africa

Using the credits you earned, place adverts on other sites on the network.

You are in Control

Detailed Analytics

From your personalized dashboard, you can view detailed analytics about your increasing web traffic, how you generate credits and how you spend them.

Paid and Free Advertisers on our adnetwork will have access to a detailed dashboard that provides all statistics about each advertisement campaign.
Credits are the currency on the Adblabla Free Advertising Network. For every impression of an advert that appears on your website or blog, you earn some credits.
Paying for advertisement to sites outside the network is expensive. On Adblabla, we minimize your marketing cost by allowing you to do trade by barter.

How to Join

Joining is Easy

Just click the "Get Started" button and signup. If you are having any issue or problem setting up the widget, just give us a call!

As a member of the Adblabla network, you will be able to advertise your blog, website, blog content, video, facebook page or business on ALL the other sites on the entire adnetwork for FREE.
We are able to keep it free because, we will also place adverts from other members of the network on your blog or website. This is why we say its trade by barter.
The adnetwork contains a wide variety of sites however, sites connected to pornography, violence, fraud, illegal downloads amongst others are NOT allowed on the network.

At signup, you will be able to choose a category (or categories)that best suits your site. When adverts are created they are manually reviewed and then categorized as well. Only ads that falls into the same category as a website will be displayed on that site.

You also have the flexibility to allow or restrict certain categories of websites from placing adverts on your site or blog.
You have the full flexibility to choose the size of adverts you will accept on your site and where exactly on your site or blog the adverts will appear.

In addition you will have the flexibility to restrict certain categories of ads from appearing on your site.
We have a credit earning and credit spending system. Each time one of Adblabla's ads or recommended posts appear on your site, you earn some credits. These credits are spent on "paying" for your ads or promoted contents on the networks.

So depending on how much credits you have, your ads/promoted posts will keep running. If you exhaust your credits, your ads will temporarily stop running until you earn more from your site traffic. You also have the option to buy extra credits at any time.
You will be able to upload as many adverts or posts as you want. The only limitation is the amount of credits you have to keep them running non stop.

You will also have the ability to stop or pause any ads at any time.

Affordable prices

Select Something That Suits You

On Adblabla we provide free advertisement, but for just a tiny fee, you get much more.

  • Forever Free

    $ 0,00 /mo

    • Add unlimited number of sites for free
    • Submit unlimited number of ads for free
    • Submit ads in any size
    • 4000 free credits every month
    • One(1) credit earned everytime our ads are shown on your site
    • One(1) free use of banner creation tool
    • Choose categories of ads that appear on your site
    • Target your ads to specific countries
    • Advertise sites not on your profile
  • Premium

    $ 4.90 /mo

    • Add unlimited number of sites for free
    • Submit unlimited number of ads for free
    • Submit ads in any size
    • 60,000 free credits every month
    • Two(2) credit earned everytime our ads are shown on your site
    • Three(3) free use of banner creation tool every month
    • Choose categories of ads that appear on your site
    • Target your ads to specific countries
    • Advertise sites not on your profile

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